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Intimate Vow Renewal Ceremony with Rachel & Chris

I’ve had Rachel’s wedding vow renewal date on my calendar since last year. Even before she had officially decided if her and her husband could work out the logistics to hold a renewal ceremony. It was so important to me that I could be at this event if it happened and I’m so happy I kept the date open. If I’ve photographed your wedding, you probably recognize Rachel. She was the gorgeous lady at your wedding graciously floating around acting as my better half. I know Rachel beyond this role and wow, what an absolute privilege to be let into her family’s life.

Rachel and Chris celebrated 10 years together this October and wanted to celebrate with their loved ones publically as they had a private ceremony when they wed. That is their story to tell and you can read it here. What I want to share about isn’t the grand details of the day (but really, did you see the chuppah and the flowers?) but rather, the character Rachel and Chris put on display in their lives day in and day out. They live their lives out of an overflow of compassion for the people around them. They are a couple who works hard together to give more of themselves to their community and not as a means to reflect that they have everything figured out but to genuinely meet needs.

This was the first vow renewal I’ve attended and it felt very sobering to witness two people choose to keep choosing each other. As a couple, they have walked through a lot of seasons in the past 10 years. I think this is the strongest testament to their character, that even still, they stood up and joyfully expressed they would keep on choosing each other.

Ending my wedding photography season with this wedding was a humbling experience. Because I know Rachel, it was a very emotional event to witness and that reminded me that every wedding is an emotional experience for the people involved. I will keep that mindset going into weddings next season, that each wedding is unique and so meaningful to the couple and their loved ones in attendance.

Rachel and Chris, I hope you continue to turn inward to each other.

Minneapolis Winter Engagement / Kevin & Rachel

Minneapolis Snowy Engagement Photos

Winter engagement sessions are quickly becoming a new favorite thing of mine. Winter in Minneapolis is long and cold but a huge part of daily life so why not just embrace it. It provides the perfect backdrop for some cozy engagement photos and all the more reason for coffee and sweaters. 

I first met Kevin and Rachel over coffee in St. Paul so it felt fitting to do engagement photos in a coffee shop. They have know each other since high school (yay high school sweethearts ;) )They are both so laid back and comfortable with each other. Nothing feels forced or inauthentic about their relationship. I love that they let me into their world for photos and I'm looking forward to their Spring wedding at Gale Wood Farms!

Loring Pasta Bar & Varsity Theater Wedding / Taylor & Andy

Loring Pasta Bar & Varsity Theater Wedding / Taylor & Andy

I first met Taylor and Andy over beers in Northeast and right away I wanted to work with them. They are people who care about each other and are invested in the relationships in their lives. That was so evident on their wedding day. Dinkytown is such an energetic area and was the perfect backdrop for their wedding. Their wedding ceremony at Loring Pasta Bar was packed with friends and family in chairs, booths, and up on the balcony. Loring Pasta Bar is such a unique venue and creates a really warm atmosphere.

After the ceremony all the guest headed to the wedding reception at Varsity Theater. It was awesome to see this venue completely transformed into a gorgeous reception area. This was my favorite reception this year because all the emotions exchanged between Taylor, Andy, and their loved ones. I think they hit every emotion during speeches and I hope it come through in the images. All the best to these two!