Engagement Photo Guide

Engagement Photo Guide / Tips to get ready for engagement photos


Whether you are eloping or having a large wedding, deciding to do engagement photos is a great way to build a relationship with your photographer. Spending time with your wedding photographer before the wedding day allows your wedding photographer to see how you and your fiance interact with each other. The better your photographer knows you, the better they can serve you on your wedding day. You will be able to trust them to capture what is valuable to you. Below are a few tips to get the best out of any engagement photo session.


Location - Picking a location for your engagement photos will set the feel for yours images. Focus on what you like to do as a couple. If you like to grab a coffee and walk around your favorite neighborhood, do that. If making cocktails at home is your favorite thing to do together, start there. Whether hiking through a state park or wandering through the city, pick a location where you would naturally find yourself. This helps to create a relaxed environment where you can be yourself and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Nothing forced because your love isn't.


Time of day- Choosing what time of day determines the light and overall mood of your images. Choosing either sunrise or sunset will offer so much variety to your photos. You will have photos with so much variation in your light which is such a powerful tool to the storytelling aspect of your images, which is what I am all about. Either of these times is beautiful for photos in nature (and the city too!) If you are thinking about doing photos in the city, harsh light during the middle of the day creates a lot of contrast and shadow and can give an edgy feel-which is awesome. Decide what look you want to go for and what your photographer is strong in. If you are doing an in-home session, watch what time the light streams into your house. You will make your photographer the happiest person in the world to shoot in a light filled room.


What to wear- Wear something you have worn before and felt comfortable and confident in. Be mindful of your surroundings. If you will be outdoors, wear shoes that you can easily walk in. Sticking to a more neutral color palette translates beautifully in photos and helps from distracting away from your good-looking face! Wearing clothing that moves with you helps give your photos a natural feel filled with movement. Don't feel stressed if your dress is blowing in the wind a little, your images will turn out all the better. 


Get close- Don't be shy, get close or dance around. Shake those nerves off and enjoy yourself. Interact with each other, share stories about each other, dream out loud about future plans, or list all the geeky things about each other. In the long run, being engaged is such a short season of life. You will be so happy to have images from a season of life that rushed by. If all else fails, bring a glass of wine :)