How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

How to choose a wedding photographer

Deciding on a wedding photographer is an important step in your wedding planning process. Whether you are having an intimate wedding, elopement, or throwing a large wedding, your wedding photographer will be the one spending the most time with you. You want to choose a wedding photographer that makes images that reflect what you value and someone who cares about what is important to you.


Take time to meet with a photographer. Connecting with a photographer's personality and finding some level of solidarity with them will be the best way to decide if they are the right fit for you. 


By time you meet with a photographer you have probably narrowed down what style of photography you want. If you are looking for posed and formal images, you should pursue a traditional wedding photographer. If you are drawn to candids and more emotional images, a photographer that describes their work as storytelling or journalsitic would be a good fit for you.


Below is a list of helpful questions to start a conversation with a wedding photographer to begin to develop a relationship with them and a list of logistical questions to follow up with. Building a relationship with your photographer will help establish trust for your wedding day.

Are they the right fit for you?

  • What do they do in your off time?
  • Do you have similar interests? 
  • What relationships in life do they value most?
  • What moments do they look for throughout the wedding day to document?
  • What do they think makes the best images?
  • What is one image that they always go back to and why?
  • What made them decide to do wedding photography?
  • What do they enjoy most about wedding photography?
  • At the end of the wedding day, what is the most valuable thing they are providing to you?

Did you enjoy spending time meeting with the photographer? Did they give you their full attention and make you feel comfortable? If not, move on to the next photographer. You want to find the right fit so you can enjoy your wedding day and trust that the photographer has everything that you value covered. 

Logistical questions

  • Do they have a contract?
  • Do they have backup gear?
  • Do they have liability insurance?
  • How are images delivered?
  • Will they have a replacement if they are sick?
  • Do they bring an assistant or additional photographer? If so, why?
  • What do family portraits look like?
  • Are they comfortable in different light situations?
  • Are they willing to help establish a timeline?
  • Do they have any suggestions on whether or not to do a first look?
  • Do you have suggestions on when the light is best during the day?
  • Are you available to meet again?

I hope these help you narrow down your pick for a wedding photographer. There are so many talented photographers. It really comes down to finding someone you can have a personal connection with. You will feel so much more relaxed on your wedding day and they will have more insight as to what images you will value.